Why is the total price different when I make my payment with the retailer?

Occasionally, there will be a difference between the total price of your basket in mySupermarket and the price you are asked to pay in the supermarket.

There are four possible reasons:

  1. For items sold by weight, such as fruit or fresh meat, we calculate the price based on an estimated, average weight for those items. However, you pay the online store for the exact weight.
  2. Your mySupermarket total price takes into account special offers. However some of the online stores do not include these discounts in their totals until you confirm the delivery time and proceed with the checkout process.
  3. If you book your delivery slot through mySupermarket, your total at mySupermarket will take into account only offers which are valid on the date of your delivery, while your total at the store website may still include offers that are expired as well.
  4. If you switched stores, and some of the items you chose could not be replaced, the cost of these items will be deducted from the basket price.