What’s the best way to show proof of purchase

When uploading your receipt on the CheckoutSmart app, ensure that the full receipt is completely visible.

  • It should clearly show the retailer name, store name, date and time of purchase/delivery, payment details (last 4 digits/cash), and an item/brand/category description for all items purchased.
  • It should not be marked, folded or partially obscured

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All receipts must be uploaded within 7 days of purchase. If your receipt is submitted via the CheckoutSmart app within 7 days of purchase but is rejected, you then have an unlimited amount of time to resubmit the receipt by email to the customer service team at help@checkoutsmart.com.

A maximum of 3 receipts per user will be rewarded per day.

Please allow up to 7 days after submitting a receipt for your reward to track into your CheckoutSmart account.

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