Submitting proof of purchase

  • If you still have a hard copy of your delivery receipt, simply scan it clearly and email it over to us. This is the receipt that you receive along with your groceries delivery.
  • If you no longer have this receipt, please take a screenshot of your delivery confirmation on the store website and email it over to us (to do so, login to the store website, and go to the previous orders section in your account). For information on how to take a screenshot please see here. 
  • Please note that an email sent from the supermarket with your order details prior to delivery is NOT a delivery receipt and cannot be used as confirmation for your purchase.
  • Please make sure that the shopper name and address, delivery date/status is stated clearly and that we are able to see all items purchased, together with the final amount.Please note that any pending Cashback earnings on purchases that we are unable to verify will not be paid.