Understanding the Home Page

In the top left corner are three little lines. Pressing those lines will take you to links for your lists, cashback, settings, About Us, the Help Centre and Contact us.
















Press HOME at any time to get back to the Home page.















The list icon in the top right corner takes you straight to your basket and the Saving Centre, where you can compare the price of your basket at different retailers and swap products to make great savings.
















There is a search bar where you can search for products to add to your basket.















The “Scan” option allows you to scan a barcode and add the item to your basket. For more on scans, see [here].















You can write a quick list for fast and easy shopping. For instructions, see [here].















You can shop by category. Pressing “All Categories”  will take you to the “Browse” section where you can access your Favs, Offers, and a complete list of the products sold through mySupermarket, divided into categories.















Choosing a category will open a list of all the different types of products offered in the category.















You can also see offers and savvy buys in that category.















Use the arrow in the top left corner to return to the previous page.

Also available on the home page are the hottest deals of the day. Deals will be different at different retailers.















At the bottom of the home page screen, you can choose which retailer to shop from.