Shopper Policies

Please note that these policies form part of the Terms of Use for registration and use of the mySupermarket Sites and Services. Unless otherwise noted in the glossary (below) or elsewhere within this document, the terms defined in those Terms of Use are used in the same way in these policies.  There are some differences; please see our glossary below for more details.  Updates to these policies are dealt with according to the procedure in Clause 1.5 of the Terms of Use .


mySupermarket is an independent price comparison site. Established in 2006, our aim is to help customers save money on their grocery shopping. mySupermarket collects prices directly from the main UK supermarkets and our site is updated every day, which means that we have all the latest prices and promotions available for you. Our unique money saving features compare prices as you fill your basket, allowing you to switch to a cheaper product or even a cheaper supermarket!

Around 5 million people visit our site each month. Across the UK, over 200,000 households regularly use mySupermarket to save money on their grocery shop. We are proud to work for the customer to ensure they get the best value for their household, on each and every shop.

We want your experience using mySupermarket to be enjoyable and positive. In order to ensure that you have the best possible experience on mySupermarket, we ask that you review, understand and comply with these policies  In addition, we have put together answers to a wide range of frequently asked questions, including “how-to” questions; you can find those in the Help Centre.

Table of Contents



“app” : the mobile application of mySupermarket, iPhone version and android version.

“business days”:  “London” business days, that is, business days in London, England (and which may differ from business days in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland).

“Help Centre” – the online resource containing all FAQs, policies and information for shoppers.

“mySupermarket”, “MSM”, “we” or “us”:  mySupermarket Limited, Company No 5920495 registered in England with our registered office at Lower Ground Floor, 1 Great Cumberland Place London W1H 7AP.  mySupermarket Limited is the creator and owner of the site and provider of the services.

“retailer”: a supermarket or other large store featured on the mySupermarket website

“Service Centre” – mySupermarket’s small but very dedicated customer support team.  You can learn more about the Service Centre and how to contact them in the Help Centre .

“service”:  any services offered on and through our sites

“shopper”, “user”, “customer” or “you”:  A person using any of the mySupermarket sites or services.

“site”:, however it may be accessed (e.g. via a browser or by using our app).

“website”:  the full website, excluding the app

Contact Us


Contacting mySupermarket

We believe that our customers deserve good service and support. To this end, there are two ways that you can find help. Our Help Centre contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to all aspects of using the site, services and app. You can also find links to all our policies including the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Cashback and Voucher Policy, Ratings and Reviews Policy, Health Display Policy and Security Policy. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the Help Centre, please contact our Service Centre on

We endeavour to respond to emails within 3 business days.

Please note that our Customer Support Team are ready and eager to help you, but certain issues are the responsibility of the retailer. In this case, you are advised to contact the retailer directly.

If you need to contact a retailer directly

All issues related to an order you have placed or a purchase you have made from a retailer must be brought directly to them. If you have an account with a retailer, you are able to contact their Service Centre for help and assistance.

The following is a list of reasons that you should contact a retailer directly:

  • Questions or requests about an order
  • Amendment or cancellation of an existing order
  • Questions about delivery or payment
  • Dissatisfaction with products received, missing products or other problems with an order you received from a retailer
  • Problems with vouchers or coupons issued by the retailer

You can find details of how to contact all of the retailers listed on our site here.

Errors on the site, or the app, or in our data

While we do our best to avoid them, or to spot them when they occur, errors do happen.  A substantial amount of the information on our site is received or collected from third party sites.  Errors happen to them and on their sites as well! As such, we do not guarantee that there will never be any errors or omissions and we do not accept liability if an error or omission does occur.

If you have found an error anywhere please contact our Service Centre on .

We will do our best to correct any errors or omissions as soon as practical after being notified of them.

Using mySupermarket



Unregistered users are welcome to browse our site, but most services (including adding products to a basket) are available only to registered users.  Registration is free, simple and you only need to register once to use all of our services, including those offered via the app. We reserve the right to decline a new registration or cancel a registration at any time.  Please note that you may have only one registered account.  If you are found to have multiple registered accounts, we reserve the right to close all or some of these registered accounts, at our sole discretion and without advance or any notice.

When you register, you will be asked to provide your full name (first name and last name), your postcode, your email address and chosen password. We request this information in order to provide our services. For example, your postcode allows us to identify which supermarkets deliver to your area and what products are available at those supermarkets. Products in particular supermarkets do sometimes vary by locality. We do not ask for sensitive personal details such as gender or ethnicity.

You can also register for mySupermarket through Facebook. When you click “Register” you will be given an online form that includes the option “Connect using Facebook”. You may be asked to provide additional information, such as your postcode. If you select this option and register through Facebook, we may receive access to information that is stored in your Facebook account.

For more information about the information we request and collect and how we save and use this information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Please note that all information provided must be true, complete and accurate. When your information changes, please update the data by updating the details in the ‘My Account’ page. Furnishing false data including false names, addresses and contact details or other information is prohibited, as is using someone else’s data when registering for the site. We reserve the right to close accounts of individuals found to be providing false data or using another person’s data.

We also reserve the right to close registered accounts and block IP addresses from accessing our site if any user is using our site in such a way that we believe is commercial or if the user is acting in any way that violates the terms of use or policies of our site. For example, we reserve the right to close registered accounts (and terminate receipt of information emails) if you are seen to be using proxy IPs (Internet Protocol addresses) in order to attempt to hide the use of multiple registration accounts, or if you are a non-UK user pretending to be a UK user.

For more information on how to register, please see our Help Centre.


When you register for mySupermarket you may choose your own password. It is important to keep your password confidential. If you suspect unauthorised use of your email address or any breach of security, please notify us immediately.  If you give your username and password to another person, you are agreeing to their use of the mySupermarket site and service on your behalf. You alone are responsible for the confidentiality of your password and any information that can be accessed using that password.

You may change your password at any time via the “My Account” section of the site. You will need your old password in order to set a new one. If you forget your password, you can reset a new password by clicking “Forgotten your password?” in the “Sign In” form.

For more information on how to change or reset your password, see the Help Centre.

My Account

The My Account Page is personal for each user and contains the following information:

  • Personal Details: Name, email address, postcode, delivery address, password
  • Preferences: settings for receiving promotional emails and data sharing
  • Online store accounts: Details of accounts you hold with our retailers
  • Cashback: Cashback balance, voucher codes, PayPal account details (for more on Cashback see here)

Personal Details

The Personal Details section of the My Account Page is where you can view a portion of the personal data we keep for you. You may check the accuracy of this data, change it or delete it here. You will need to enter your current password in order to access or amend any information (including to change your password). Please note that some data (for example, your postcode) is required, and while you may update this information, you will not be able to delete it entirely.

For information on how to view and update your Personal Details, please see the Help Centre.

Delivery Address

You are responsible for ensuring that your delivery address has been entered correctly. Please note that currently we allow for only one delivery address per user account. If you wish to have your shopping delivered to a different address, you may use the form presented during the checkout process to enter an updated delivery address. The latest delivery address you fill in during the checkout process will be saved in the “My Account” section.

For more information about delivery, please see the Help Centre.


We request your email address in order to communicate with you. We may send you service or marketing emails.  You may unsubscribe from marketing and promotional emails by changing the settings in the “Preferences” section of “My Account”. You may also unsubscribe directly by clicking “unsubscribe” on any marketing email you receive. Please note that even when you unsubscribe, you will continue to receive service emails.

For more information about how we use your email address, please see our Privacy Policy.

Online Store Accounts

In the “Online Store Accounts” section of “My Account” you can save the login details for accounts you have with individual retailers. You will need an account with a retailer in order to:

  • import favourites listings from their site into ours
  • book a delivery slot
  • have your basket transferred over so that you can complete your purchase
  • allow us to confirm your shop details as part of validating and paying Cashback .

If you do not yet have an account with an individual retailer, you can set one up via mySupermarket. Please remember that each retailer has its own policies (listed on its website), and any purchases you make from a retailer will be in accordance with that retailer’s policies.

You can find more information on how to manage your online store accounts, how to import favourites, how to set up an account with a retailer via mySupermarket and other information related to retailers in our Help Centre.

Technical Issues


Browser Support

Currently, all the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are supported. If you experience performance issues while using mySupermarket, try to update your browser’s version or switch to a different one. If this doesn’t help, please contact our Service Centre. The list of browsers that we support is subject to change in the future without notice or warning.

Cookies and JavaScript

The mySupermarket site and services will not work if cookies or JavaScript are disabled. For more information please see our Cookies Policy.

Shopping with mySupermarket

The mySupermarket site enables you to browse, compare prices and create orders which you can place with any of the retailers on our site and shopping lists which you can fill at the retailer’s physical store. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best price available from the leading retailers, no matter how you like to complete your shop!

Data Collection

We collect the data you see on our site from a variety of sources.

Product  Information and Images

A significant portion of our product information and images are provided by Brandbank, a leading digital content company.  We may also obtain images or data from the manufacturers or retailers themselves. Other information we provide is received or derived from sources such as the National Health Service or the Food Standards Agency. Naturally, we collect some data ourselves. Some of the images have been taken by us and we collect some product information directly (e.g. from “back of pack” information).

While we do our best (and the sources from whom we receive or collect information do their best) to ensure that there are no errors in the product information and images we present and that they are up-to-date, errors do occur and information changes. So, for instance, the nutritional information or ingredients of a particular product might be changed by a manufacturer, but it might take a few days before that is reflected on the website.  As such, it is your responsibility to check nutritional information and other details.

Price Data

The price data on our site is compiled as follows:

  • Price data for the online retailers is collected directly from their sites on a daily basis.
  • Price data for Aldi is collected for us once a week by an independent company that specialises in the collection of retail pricing information.  While we believe that this is frequent enough that you will receive reasonably accurate pricing information, we update less frequently than we do for retailers with an online service. As such, the prices we display may have changed in the physical store between the time of the last update and the time you visit Aldi to make a purchase.
  • Price data for Lidl is provided to us by Lidl and they are solely responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.  Price data is updated daily, Sunday through Thursday. As the data may not be updated Friday and Saturday, the prices we display may have changed in the physical store between the time of the last update and the time you visit Lidl to make a purchase
  • On occasion, the price of an item in an actual store will be different from the price of the same item in their online retailer website. This is because occasionally a specific branch will have its own pricing policy and not honour the online prices.

While we do our make reasonable efforts to ensure that all prices are accurate and up-to-date,  we are collecting the data periodically (and not on real-time basis) and from third parties over whom we have no control.  As such,  there may be differences between the pricing information we provide and the final price charged by the retailer.  It is your responsibility to verify the final prices charged, either when confirming your online shop or completing your in-store purchase. We do not accept any responsibility for any pricing variances.

Delivery Slots

Delivery slot data is based on information we collect at that time from the retailer’s website. However, you should remember that delivery time slots indicated as being available are subject to a time lag between your inputting your requested slot, and our communicating with the retailer’s website and confirming from there that the delivery slot has been accepted or confirmed. On occasion, you may find that a time that was free when the information was displayed is then not free by the time you come to book that delivery slot.

Retailers loyalty plans

Certain of the retailers may offer loyalty point programmes (“Loyalty Points”), which award shoppers a number of points based on basket size, items purchased and other parameters as set by the retailer. As part of our service, we present an estimate of the number of Loyalty Points you may earn on your basket. However, as we are not connected with the programmes, this is only an estimate, and it may not be correct. You must check your Loyalty Points balance and/or the number of Loyalty Points received on any purchase or product with the retailer running the program.

FSA Traffic Lights Labelling

“Traffic lights” are a food labelling system set and regulated by the Food Standards Agency.  Products are assigned a color label based on the levels of fat, sugar and salt in the food.  For more information about what the labels mean, please see here or look at our Health Display Policy.

Sugar Swaps

For information about Sugar Swaps, a third party campaign run by Public Health England, please see here.

Price Comparison

As you fill your basket, mySupermarket will check what you have chosen and will suggest alternatives for items you have selected.  These are proposed either to improve the value of the basket or to replace unavailable items.

How We Compare

Our money-saving and replacement suggestions are based on our ability to compare and match goods.  We do this by using algorithms intended to offer an honest comparison based on a number of factors related to each of the products, so that you get a close match to the items you had originally selected. The variables include similarity, price, popularity and availability. The system finds the closest alternative based on the lowest price. We try to exclude subjective factors and subjective views where we can, so as to operate in accordance with honest practices and to retain our impartiality to always offer an impartial alternative. However, although we operate in this manner, you may disagree with our alternative offerings and replacements for a variety of reasons, not least because in the real world, some people (including you!) may have subjective views. For example, you may always prefer one particular brand of cola to another brand of cola – in which case you will not be happy with our alternative offerings and replacements. However, we assume for the purpose of offering alternative offerings and replacements that no such personal preferences exist (unless you have personalised your use of the service to take account of your personal preferences). Therefore, for example, (in absence of any such personalisation by you) you may be offered one brand of cola in place of another brand of cola – if, for example, that other brand is cheaper.

You are always free to ignore suggested alternatives and to reject automatically replaced equivalents for unavailable items. It is your responsibility to check that the alternative offerings and replacements are acceptable to you. You must always satisfy yourself that you are happy to transact with a retailer on the basis of any alternative offerings and replacements after you have considered the matter and that you take full responsibility for this. Although this is relevant in all areas, it may be particularly relevant for an alternative offering or replacement for any medicinal products for which you may choose to transact with a retailer.

Saving Money


Top Offers and Savvy Buys

mySupermarket is constantly tracking and analysing prices so that we can present you with the best deals. These include  Top Offers and Savvy Buys.   “Top Offers” are offers in which a product is being discounted by the retailer. The item will be priced at least 15% less  per unit, based on the original and discounted prices quoted by the retailer for that promotion. “Savvy Buys” are products that are at least 30% lower than the average price for that product across all stores for the last 12 months. When calculating Top Offers and Savvy Buys, we try to exclude subjective factors and subjective views where we can, so as to operate in accordance with honest practices and to retain our impartiality. We try to always present Top Offers and Savvy Buys impartially.

There may be a large number of Top Offers and Savvy Buys at any given time; some will be more relevant to you than others.   In order to make our site more helpful, we use various filtering algorithms to select Offers, Top Offers and Savvy Buys which we believe are suitable and appropriate to display to you. This may be based on your preferences, where you have personalised your use of the site (e.g. set sorting or set up favourites). Alternatively, it may be based on what you have purchased in the past.  You may disagree with our presentation of a particular selection of Offers and/or Top Offers and/or Savvy Buys, due to your personal preferences.  You can always view a listing of all Offers, Top Offers and Savvy Buys that are available in your selected retailer by clicking on Offers in the top navigation bar.

You can learn more about Offers, Top Offers and Savvy Buys in the Help Centre .

Split Basket

You may be given an option to “split” a basket between various retailers, in order to take advantage of lower prices for specific items from specific retailers.  For example, you might do this to take advantage of specials at one retailer while buying basic items at another.  Please bear in mind that while our comparison service might show that this will result in savings, it does not take into account additional costs such as additional delivery fees or, if you are using our service to do your shopping at the retailer itself, the additional time you may need to spend in going to more than one retailer. As always, you should review the final total of any baskets before you complete an order with any Supermarket.

Cashback and Vouchers

You can earn Cashback or get discounts on your shopping!  You can learn more about this in our Help Centre  and in our Cashback and Vouchers Policy.

Featured Stores

A Featured Store (which was known in the past as a Mini Store or a Brand Store) is a page which has been sponsored by individual manufacturers, brands or other third parties, and which features their products or services.  Featured Stores may change from time to time.

We may give you the opportunity to subscribe to a particular Featured Store.  By subscribing to a particular Featured Store, you agree to receive emails from mySupermarket which have been sponsored by the relevant manufacturer, brand or third party, and which contain promotional and other information related to their products and services and which may include special offers. You will always have the option to unsubscribe from any Featured Store, in which case you will no longer receive these emails.

By subscribing to a particular Featured Store, you may also be eligible to participate in promotions offered by mySupermarket or by the Featured Store’s sponsor. Participation will be subject to the terms and conditions specific to that promotion which shall be made available to you on the Featured Store page.

For more information and to find out more about how to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a Featured Store, please see here.

For more information about Promotions, please see below.


mySupermarket may run competitions, free prize draws or other promotions on the site. Any such promotion will be subject to additional terms and conditions that will be made available to together with the promotion information..

We may also allow third parties to run promotions on the site. We will always tell you whether a relevant promotion is a promotion run by mySupermarket or by a third party. These promotions will be run by third parties unaffiliated to mySupermarket (for example, a retailer or a manufacturer) and therefore, third party promotions are not under our management or control. By entering or participating in any third party promotion, you agree to be bound by the relevant terms and conditions provided by such third party (which will be made available to you together with the information on the promotion itself).

mySupermarket does not endorse, sponsor or administer any third party promotion.  We are not responsible for the provision of any prizes or winnings in any third party promotion. Any and all claims you have with respect to any third party promotion, any prizes you wish to claim, and any notices that must be sent must be directed to the applicable third party managing that third party promotion. We have no obligation to provide the third party with any claims or notices which you send to us. We retain the right, at any time and without notice, to remove any third party promotion from the site at any time and for any reason, without any liability to you or any third party.


In order to make shopping on mySupermarket as user-friendly and convenient as possible, we have created various opportunities for you to personalise and streamline  your shopping experience.

My Favs

In the “My Favs” section you can:

  • compile and save a list of your favourite products
  • compile, save or print a shopping list or access previous lists
  • scan barcodes and save products using the app
  • view your previous orders
  • view special offers that have been selected for you based on previous purchases.

For more information on how to use this service and manage your lists and preferences please see  the Help Centre.

Price Alerts

You may set a ‘Price Alert” on a product if you wish to receive a notification when the price on the selected product or service drops by a minimum amount at any of the retailers. The minimum drop required is determined by mySupermarket and may change from time to time. You may discontinue receiving Price Alerts with respect to any or all products and services at any time.

For information on how to set and manage price alerts, please see the Help Centre.

Import Favourites

If you already have a “favourites” list set up on the website of one of the retailers that we feature on our site, you can import it into mySupermarket using the “Import Favourites” feature. You will need to provide us with your login details for the retailer’s website in order for us to do so.  These details will be kept and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

For more information on importing your favourites, please see the Help Centre.

Once your favourites have been imported, we will update it for you on future visits to make sure that you all always see up to date information.

You can opt out of the updates at any time in the preferences section of the ‘my account’ page.

Search options and filtering


Search options

You may choose to view products or services based on different criteria.  For example, you may search alphabetically, by brand, popularity, price or other criteria. We will try and display products and services based on your chosen criteria; however, our algorithms make certain assumptions and incorporate certain internal considerations. This means that the order in which you see the results of your search may not be objective and we might not order products in the same way you might have done so.

In addition, we may choose to display certain products and services depending on criteria chosen by us and in a different order than you have requested. This might include “sponsored” products, which we are being paid to promote or other commercial reasons (e.g. if we are participating in an affiliate program);  Savvy Buys, and Top Offers (including the Cashback Programme) that we wish to promote);  and/or according to your browsing and shopping history.

You can learn more about sorting options and how to sort  in our Help Centre.


You can filter products and services based on certain “dietary and lifestyle” categories, including whether certain products are organic, gluten-free, satisfy certain specified dietary needs or requirements, or may be considered fair-trade or environmentally friendly goods. We have selected categories based on what we think will be most useful to our users and based on what users expect to see on supermarket websites; we want our site to be as user-friendly and helpful as possible.  At the same time, we cannot add every category that users might wish.  As such, the inclusion (or non-inclusion) of any category should not under any circumstances be taken as either a recommendation to purchase such products or services, or our endorsement (or non-endorsement) of any particular category or lifestyle choice.

We make good faith efforts to ensure that this selection and filter process reflects generally accepted standards for such categories.  At the same time, we receive our information from third parties and we do not guarantee that any products or services that we indicate as satisfying any such category actually comply with any particular definition of such category. As always, you are solely responsible for any purchases that you make using the service or otherwise; please check them to make sure that they do comply.

You can learn more about dietary and lifestyle categories and how to use filters in our Help Centre.

Completing Your Shop on mySupermarket

For more information on any aspect of the order completion process, including technical instructions, please see our Help Centre.


While mySupermarket will facilitate your purchase from a retailer (and hopefully allow you to save some money while doing so) we are not a party to the transaction.  We do not process the payments for these purchases and we neither request nor retain nor have access to any details of your credit cards and/or debit cards and/or other payment forms.  You will need to provide these details to the retailer directly.  You can do this after we send your basket over to the retailer’s third party website; at this point you will be asked by the retailer to provide payment details.  All payment is conducted directly through the third party site of the retailer and not through mySupermarket. You are responsible for transmitting all payments due to retailers on the terms agreed with the relevant retailer and we shall have no responsibility for transmission of payments to a retailer. Your order is only complete once you have done this and have received an email confirmation directly from the retailer.

If you have a problem regarding payment, you must contact the retailer directly. Retailer contact information can be found on the individual retailer websites, or you may find a listing in our Help Centre.

For more on payments to retailers, please see our Help Centre.

Change or Cancel Orders

If you have sent your basket from mySupermarket to the retailer’s website but you have not yet paid for your order, your existing order will be in your basket on the retailer’s website. You can open up your order and add/change items. Alternatively, you can simply change your basket on mySupermarket and resend it for checkout at your chosen store. The new basket will simply override the previous basket.

Any amendment or cancellation to an order for which you have already paid may only be addressed to the retailer. Your order number will appear in the confirmation email received from the retailer. You will need your order number in order to cancel an order. Contact details for the retailer can be found in the confirmation email, on the retailer’s website or here. Cancellation or order amendments are always subject to the retailer’s terms and conditions.

For more information on any order cancellation and amendments, please see our Help Centre.


mySupermarket does not offer any delivery. However, we facilitate your booking  a delivery slot through our site functionality so that you can receive your order from the retailer of your choice. However, the actual delivery is made by the retailer alone and NOT mySupermarket. As such, to track, change or cancel your delivery, you must contact the retailer directly or put through a change through your account at the retailer’s online store.  Likewise, any questions regarding any problems with a delivery (e.g. the delivery did not arrive or was received late) must be directed to the retailer.

You may book a delivery time slot from or from the retailer’s own site. Once the slot is marked ‘booked’ you have that slot reserved for 3 hours in order to complete your shop.  If you wait longer than 3 hours the booking will expire and you will have to re-book it.

Delivery costs are determined by the retailer who you are shopping from. Costs are not the same in all retailers, at all times of day and in all areas of the UK.

For more information on any delivery and how to manage delivery slot bookings, please see our Help Centre.

Using the App

Use of the app is subject to the same terms, conditions and policies as apply to the use of the site and services in general.  Where there are differences (e.g. Cashback) this has been noted.

For information on how to use the mySupermarket app, please see the Help Centre.