How does the site compare prices?

The goal of mySupermarket is to help you make the most cost effective shop possible. One of the key ways we achieve this is through price comparison.

Throughout the website you will be able to compare the price of the item you are shopping at against the price of the same or very similar products in a different retailer.

We use a complex algorithm to calculate swaps on mySupermarket. A lot of variables are taken into account including item similarity, price, popularity and availability. The system works to find the closest alternative based on the lowest price. For more details, see our Shopper Policy.

Our in-house Data Team works daily to ensure that all our price comparisons are linked in the most logical and savvy shopping friendly manner. If you spot a swap that doesn’t look quite right, please email our Customer Support Team here. Be sure to include the full product name that you were swapping and if possible, attach a screenshot.

Our Support Team checks each email received with the Data Team and is happy to make changes based on our customer feedback.