Aldi product comparison with online retailers

To compare Aldi products to those from other retailers, we use the same fair and transparent method that we have always used. We match Aldi products to the exact or closest equivalent products in the other retailers, exactly as we do with every retailer product. Whenever you add a product to your basket on mySupermarket we look for an exact or closest match in the other retailers so that we can compare the cost of your shopping across the stores as accurately as possible. We call this BEST MATCH.

Given that most Aldi¬†products are “own label”, we had to decide what the best match was. The fairest way to do this was to ask our users, so we did.

Earlier this year, we carried out two surveys to a statistical sample of our users. We asked the question – “Which ranges offered by other supermarkets do you think Aldi products are most like?”

– 83.8% said standard own label or budget/basics own label

– 9.6% said premium own label

– 6.6% said Brands

So, we compare where possible to standard own label – which we believe to be the fairest option for all – both retailers AND users. Of course, the great thing about our site is that it is easy to compare almost anything so if anyone thinks the comparison for a certain product should be something different then they can still make that comparison on our site.

To learn more about how price comparisons are made, please read our Shopper Policy or see the Help Centre.