How to earn Cashback

You will find a number of products on our site that have a visible Cashback symbol attached to them.

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This will show you a Cashback amount either in pounds (£), pence (p) or a percentage (%) that you can earn by buying that product. Sometimes the Cashback can be up to 100%, so the product is FREE. We also have a dedicated Cashback shelf on our site – just go to ‘’Offers” and click on Cashback to see all the Cashback offers available at any one time.

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  • To earn Cashback, simply add the item with the Cashback icon to your basket and complete your shop by sending your basket to your chosen store.
  • Some offers are also targeted to specific audiences and therefore may not be visible and offered to all shoppers.
  • Please note that not all cashback offers are offered on both the website and the mobile app. If the cashback offer is not available on the mobile app you will not be able to purchase the item in store and then claim cashback. Check that the cashback offer is available on the app before making your in store purchase.
  • After sending your basket, all your earned Cashback will be recorded in your account as “pending confirmation”. Pending amounts will be transferred over to your PayPal account once your purchase has been validated. This can take up to 30 days. Please note that, for technical reasons, Cashback will continue to show on your account as “pending” for at least 30 days after the Cashback has been transferred to your PayPal account.


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Cashback will not be paid (entirely or in part) if we are unable to validate your purchase. This includes if you did not fulfil all the requirements of the cashback offer. (e.g., if the offer was a bundle in which you get £1 cashback on the purchase of 3 products, you will not get cashback if you only eventually buy 2 of these items).