Cashback, Discounts & Vouchers Policy


From time to time, mySupermarket offers Cashback programmes which are designed to save you money on your shop.   In order to earn Cashback under these programmes, it may be that a product has to be purchased or it may be that certain amounts must be purchased or it may be that a product in combination with other products must be purchased … or it may be something else entirely!  But we will always indicate on the site what the “qualification” for Cashback is and it is important that you pay attention to the qualifications for that particular programme.

Please also see the Help Centre.

Earning Cashback

Products which are eligible for Cashback will have a visible Cashback symbol attached to them that shows you the Cashback amount either in pounds (£), pence (p) or a percentage (%) that you can earn by buying that product. You can also find a listing of all Cashback offers available to you at any one time by going to “Offers” and clicking on “Cashback”.

You may also be able to earn Cashback in other ways. For example,  you might receive a voucher for an amount off your total shop, “free shipping”  or some other offer.  You can learn more about mySupermarket Vouchers, below.

Please note that the price displayed on the site is a final price which takes Cashback into account. You need to pay the “full price” of the item in order to receive the Cashback later.

After sending your basket, all your earned Cashback will be recorded in your account as “pending confirmation”. Pending amounts will be transferred over to your PayPal account, once your purchase has been validated. mySupermarket Cashback will not be paid (entirely or in part) if we are unable to validate your purchase or if the conditions of the special promotion are not met.

Cashback Programme Rules

The following rules apply to all Cashback Programmes:

  1. Programmes can be amended and/or cancelled at any time and without prior notice.
  2. Programmes may be offered to certain users only – e.g. to featured store subscribers or targeted to competitors of a particular product.
  3. Programmes may have different limits – e.g. one bundle per shop, one use per user.
  4. Programmes may only be available:
    1. only for online orders and not for in-store orders,
    2. only for in-store orders and not for online orders,
    3. only for online orders via the app and not for online orders via the website.

As such, if, for instance, you add an item to your basket online and then transfer it over to the app, the Cashback may not transfer if the programme is not being offered on the app or not being offered for in-store purchases. Please check the Cashback listing and make sure that the particular Cashback offer is available on the app or on the website, as applicable, before sending your basket or making your in-store purchase.

  1. Eligibility is based on when your shopping is completed. For an online shop, this is the date your basket is sent through to the retailer. For an in-store shop made using the app, this is the date the retailer’s receipt and purchase information is submitted via the app.  Please submit all receipts on the app within 12 hours of making your purchases as otherwise it may not upload.
  2. Cashback is subject to validation.  This means that we must confirm that the shop was completed and paid for at your chosen store,  the goods have been received by you, that you have not received a full or partial refund for the relevant Cashback-eligible products for any reason and that all other requirements of the Cashback programme were met.  Please see below for more information on the validation process.  If we are not able to validate a purchase, we may contact you for additional information.  You must provide this information in order to receive Cashback.
  3. Cashback will only be paid to the user’s PayPal account details on file.  PayPal account details may be updated by you at any time via the My Account page [LINK].  We do not pay Cashback in any other way apart from to a PayPal account.  If a user has no PayPal account details on file, Cashback will not be paid. If you open a Paypal account, you may be able to claim Cashback on recent orders. Expired Cashback from orders over 30 days old will not be paid.
  4. It may take us several weeks to process Cashback amounts payable to you and Cashback will only be paid after validation. For example, if you place an order to be delivered and paid for in a few weeks time, Cashback may only be eligible for payment after delivery of the goods.
  5. Cashback can be earned up to a maximum of  £20 per shop and a maximum of £45 per household per calendar month.
  6. If we see or suspect that a user is abusing the Cashback Programme, we reserve the right to cancel all of their Cashback (including any portion that is validated), and not pay them Cashback in the future.  For the avoidance of doubt, submitting receipts or completing shops under multiple registered accounts (itself a violation of our policies) in order to bypass limitations set on any Cashback programme is considered abuse of the Cashback Programme.
  7. Users who are found to be abusing, violating or attempting to violate the terms of any Cashback programme may be banned from receiving Cashback or may be banned entirely from our site, at our sole discretion.
  8. If you receive Cashback for a purchase that is later determined to be an ineligible purchase, you provide us with the right and authority to debit your account with mySupermarket or any account into which we deposited the Cashback for the amount of the Cashback, even if it means that your account will have a negative balance for which you will be liable.

Validating Cashback

All Cashback is subject to validation. This means that we must confirm that the shop was completed and paid for at your chosen store,  the goods have been delivered or received, that you have not received a full or partial refund for the relevant Cashback-eligible products for any reason and that all requirements of the Cashback programme were met.  If we cannot validate the purchase we will not pay the Cashback.  We shall determine in our exclusive discretion whether any purchase you make shall be deemed to be validated and, subject to your right to ask us to review (below), our decision is final.

In the event that we have rejected Cashback on one of your shops and you believe that this decision was made in error, please contact us at  In this case, we will ask you to provide us with additional documentation, as described below, to support your claim.

Online shops

For online shops, we will try to validate your shop directly with the retailer using the online account login details for that retailer site which you have stored in your My Account information and confirming the final shop details. In the event where we are not able to do a check because you have changed or removed your online account login details from your My Account information, you will not receive Cashback.   In general, there is no need for you to email your delivery receipts but please keep them until AFTER your Cashback is paid in case we have a query and we need to see it.   Where we have asked you to provide additional proof and you do not do so, you will not receive Cashback.

In-Store shops

For in-store shops, you must submit your receipt using the app function in order to receive Cashback.  The receipt must be legible, complete and include product, store and transaction date details in order for us to validate the purchase. Please hold onto the receipt until AFTER your Cashback is paid in case we have a query and we need to see it. For example, we may contact you and ask you to resubmit your receipt  if the photo that you submitted using the app was unclear.

Additional proof of purchase

We reserve the right to  ask for additional or different documentation before paying Cashback.  For example, this could be as part of a unique Cashback programme with different qualifications or because we suspect fraud or abuse of the Cashback programme and mySupermarket terms. In this case, failure to produce any proof (or to enable us to obtain it when required by us), may result in the invalidation of any Cashback.

Vouchers from Third Party Retailers

We search the web daily for any vouchers that can be applied to online grocery shopping with the retailers featured on our site. You can see all the vouchers we have collected on our site by clicking the ‘Daily Vouchers’ section all the way at the bottom of the webpage.

Some vouchers are taken from public domain sources. Other vouchers have been issued to us directly by the retailers to pass on to you for your personal use. It is our understanding that these vouchers have been issued by applicable retailers for use by the public. We have obtained details of these vouchers in good faith and we present them to you in good faith. However, if you choose to rely on or to use these vouchers when transacting with retailers, it is your responsibility to check (whether under the terms and conditions of a relevant retailer or otherwise) that there is no prohibition or restriction on use of any voucher. For example, a voucher may be intended for “first time shoppers” at that retailer.  It is up to you to review the terms and make sure that you qualify.

Vouchers issued by a third party should be entered on the supermarket’s own site where you enter your payment details. If you have trouble with this code on the retailer’s own website, please contact them directly for a resolution. In the event that you submit a voucher to a retailer and it is rejected, and you believe that this is in error, you must be in contact with the retailer directly.