Additional detail on mySupermarket activities

Below you can find additional information on some of our activities and why we have classed each one as we have.

Reason number 1: We have a contract with you

Contract and account management.  (Providing you with the Website’s Services).

We use personal data, activity data and cookies in order to provide you with all of the Services you expect to receive from us.  This includes activities such as:

  1. identifying retailers in your geographic area;
  2. allowing you to fill baskets with products;
  3. allowing you to print out shopping lists or send shopping lists to retailers and to register for third party retailer sites;
  4. importing favourites and setting new favourites and otherwise customizing your account so as to streamline your shopping and research experience;
  5. communicating with you in connection with the Services (e.g. sending you price alerts you have requested);
  6. helping you to optimise your grocery spend by presenting relevant offers or alternatives;
  7. to customize and improve your mySupermarket experience;
  8. giving you the opportunity to earn cashback (via ourselves or Checkout Smart) and to pay it;
  9. making relevant retailer voucher and brand promotions available to you;
  10. preventing fraud or abuse of the service;
  11. site and service review, tracking, development and optimisation; and
  12. other service, site and  account management tasks.

Reason number 3: It is in our legitimate interests (we need to market to you to pay the bills!) to do the following:

  1. Direct email marketing. (We always allow you to opt-out of this in each email.)
  2. Targeted (or “behavioural”) advertising campaigns and promotional activities on the mySupermarket website, where the campaign or activity is conducted by ourselves.

 (You can learn more about behavioural advertising at Your Online Choices).

We engage in direct email marketing for commercial purposes.  Our marketing emails may be intended to inform you about offers available on the Site or to tell you about Site features or about the Site in general or may be on subjects which we think will be relevant to you, such as money-saving tips or recipe ideas.  Other emails are sent on behalf of retailers and brands who wish to advertise to mySupermarket Users. We make efforts to keep our email activities to reasonable and proportionate levels.

Direct marketing activities are permitted under GDPR, subject to an individual’s right to opt-out and other protections of your rights – and, of course, to compliance with all other laws!  You may opt out of all non-service emails at any time, either via the My Account page or by clicking the “unsubscribe” link which appears on the bottom of all of our emails.

Link to the My Account page.

We engage in targeted advertising campaigns on mySupermarket for commercial purposes. We also engage in targeted promotional offers (e.g. offering a voucher for a Supermarket to Users who meet a certain profile). These activities serve as a significant source of revenue supporting our Site.   The majority of targeting is based on a user’s previous activity on the Site, as opposed to personal information relating to that user.  We do not combine information about individuals from mySupermarket with information about individuals from any other websites. While we do run some campaigns based on demographic data (e.g.  gender or age range), as we do not have this information for the majority of our users, these types of campaigns are rare.  The only demographic data we hold on Users is data that (1) the User provided themselves or (2) we received as part of a User’s registration via a third party, such as Facebook.

You can review, modify or delete the demographic data we have about you on the My Account page. You may also opt out of targeted advertising and targeted promotional offers at any time via the My Account page.  Please be aware that you will still see advertisements on mySupermarket, including ads which are targeted based on factors such as the page content (e.g. the products shown on that page) or other factors not based on your personal data.

Link to Your Online Choices.

Link to the My Account page.